Board Naming

Code Names

When we start working on a neighbor or other hardware design related to the GreatFET project, we assign a code name to the board. Our code names are names of flowers, and we usually choose a name starting with the next letter in the alphabet. We update the list of neighbors as soon as a name is selected.

GreatFET Trademark

“GreatFET” and “GreatFET One” are trademarks of Great Scott Gadgets. In order to make it easier for end users to know if their GreatFET-related devices are products of Great Scott Gadgets, we typically do not license these trademarks to others. If you create GreatFET-related products, please do not use “GreatFET” in the product name. If you would like to manufacture a clone of GreatFET One, for example, you could use the code name Azalea as the product name or as a part of the product name.

It is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged!) to use “GreatFET” in descriptive text such as “a GreatFET neighbor” or “compatible with GreatFET One” or “designed for GreatFET”.

We try to make it easy to follow these guidelines by using code names and avoiding trademarks in our published hardware designs .

GreatFET and Great Scott Gadgets URLs

If you use one of our URLs such as,, or on a label of your own product, please clarify that it is our site, not yours. Here is a good way to do that:

An even better option is to use a URL pointing to your own informative web site (which links to ours where appropriate).

Naming Your Neighbor

If you create a neighbor or other GreatFET-related hardware design, we suggest that you follow our practice of using flowery code names, but you are welcome to choose whatever name you like. Just be careful of our trademark guidelines above. Please add your neighbor to the list!